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We Offer Refrigerator Maintence

Move the food around - to allow the air circulation. Don't over pack your refrigerator. Over packing might block the air vents and cold air circulation which will cause the temperature problems inside the refrigerator compartment.

Move the refrigerator - away from the external heat source.

call us Clean the door gasket regularly with baking soda and hot water to prevent the gasket damage. If you would like to send us your refrigerator repair request and arrange a time for your refrigerator repair inspection, please call A+ Refrigerator Repair (619) 760-7865 or fill out our Appliance Repair Request Form on the website. Our representative will process your request and contact you as soon as possible to make appointment to check your refrigerator. After the diagnosis is made, the technician provides you with an estimate before proceeding with your appliance repair.

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