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Our mission is to provide same day service with the lowest cost and the higher quality.

Specializing in refrigerator repairs for Kenmore, SubZero, Maytag, GE, Whirlpool and all other Brand Name Freezer Repairs and Fridge Repairs.

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A properly functioning refrigerator offers us a convenience that most of us take for granted, so when there's a problem, it needs to be taken care of quickly.

For immediate service at the first sign of trouble, call A+ Refrigerator Repair. For years, we've repaired and replaced faulty and failing refrigerators and their components in homes.

refrigerator repair If your fridge needs professional attention, call us (619)760-7865 today or fill out our Appliance Repair Request Form on the website. Our representative will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

Refrigerator Repair Options to Fit Your Needs.
While most refrigerators work well nearly all of the time, it's those rare times when it doesn't that can cause a lot of headaches if you don't act fast. Warning signs of refrigerator problems should be heeded immediately. You'll avoid the possibility of spoiled food and may head off having an appliance that needs to be completely replaced instead of just repaired. We perform all manner of refrigerator repairs including:

Sub-Zero Image Fridge Service Experts - Whether you simply suspect a problem building or your Sub-Zero fridge has completely broken down, you need to call for service right away. We will schedule a consultation and repair visit as soon as possible to take care of whatever issues are plaguing your refrigerator.
Sub-Zero Refrigerator Problems - If you've noticed that your refrigerator isn't cooling properly or you've seen a few drops of water coming out of the back of it - what exactly does this mean, though? There are a number of specific problems you may run into and a variety of red flags to look out for. Here is a rundown of issues you may experience:

You may not notice that there is a problem at first, but when your refrigerator needs repair, it won't take long before the clanking, off cycling, or lack of even cooling becomes apparent. If any of the functional components or the internal parts of your fridge or freezer stop working, you need an expert there right away.

For professional refrigerator repair services in San Diego call A+ Refrigerator Repair. Our technicians are expertly trained to identify and solve all types of refrigerator problems.

We offer Refrigerator Maintence

Move the food around - to allow the air circulation. Don't over pack your refrigerator. Over packing might block the air vents and cold air circulation which will cause the temperature problems inside the refrigerator compartment.

Move the refrigerator - away from the external heat source.

call us Clean the door gasket regularly with baking soda and hot water to prevent the gasket damage. If you would like to send us your refrigerator repair request and arrange a time for your refrigerator repair inspection, please call A+ Refrigerator Repair (619) 760-7865 or fill out our Appliance Repair Request Form on the website. Our representative will process your request and contact you as soon as possible to make appointment to check your refrigerator. After the diagnosis is made, the technician provides you with an estimate before proceeding with your appliance repair.

We Do All Major Brands:


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